We Provide Domestic and commercial irrigation systems. Custom Designed, Installed and Maintained

Welcome To Greener Ways Irrigation

Fully automatic watering systems, Rain harvesting, Grey water recycling and treatment plants, Purpose designed combination sets, Latest water saving technology, meets all water authority regulations, sensor monitored to eliminate over watering, installed by our own trained engineers. Tubs, baskets, greenhouses, lawns, borders, liquid feeders & pop up systems etc. Keeping your garden healthy and your lawn looking green Every gardeners dream – “A beautiful garden all summer long, even when I am away from home” Forget the need to use a hosepipe or arrange for someone to do the watering. Install a self contained multi-zone irrigation system with simple programming. We can visit each spring, service and setup your system and return to shut down for the winter. You can relax in the knowledge that another drought wont catch you out and you’ll be making a valuable contribution to water conservation.

Major Benefits

  • Rain water collection saves you money
  • Automatic watering systems save you time
  • Electronic ‘Metered Delivery’ saves water
  • Computer control makes it easy to use
  • Fully adaptable to meet future needs
  • Installed with minimum disruption to your garden
  • Helps to preserve a valuable resource

What Our Customers Say

We used Greenerways to install a large, complicated irrigation system for us at one of our show gardens that has a wide range of plants in situe alongside our wheelie bin storage products. The inevitable post installation problems of a system so large were dealt with quickly and efficiently. The after sales service has been excellent and we recommended Greenerways for an irrigation system.

Mr Jackon,Owner @ Wheelie Bin Storage Direct.