Dipper Line Watering

Dripper Line Irrigation systems are the latest technical innovation in garden watering.

A tough, durable pipe line fitted with evenly spaced compensating drippers, placed over the border surface supplying water directly to the plants.

By accurately metering the amount of water delivered to plants and placing it precisely where it is required, dripper line systems are currently the most efficient form of watering whether using a mains water supply or stored rainwater.

With climate change and reduced rainfall causing water shortages, it has become more important to conserve water, a valuable resource.

Major Benefits

  • Simple and cost effective
  • Low output volumes
  • Pressure compensated drippers supplying even coverage
  • Self flushing drippers
  • Water delivery direct to the plant
  • Minimised loss through evaporation
  • Economical & quick to install
  • UV Protected pipe work
  • Above ground or hidden under mulch
  • Simple system expansion or alteration