Green/ Glass House Watering and Poly Tunnels

Domestic Greenhouses

Depending upon what you are growing your home greenhouse can require a variety of different types and volumes of watering.

A computer controlled small bore system supplying a range of dripper sets, misting jets and ‘Microjet’ spray nozzles can be an effective solution.

Timer monitoring, together with low pressure and flow requirement makes for easy installation and simple operation

Computer design of lightweight over head systems provide maximum efficiency and flexibility with even coverage.

Rotating nozzles produce a small evenly distributed droplet size aiding absorption and eliminating damage to delicate plants and seedlings. Supply line valves allow for the zoning of areas within each house.

Flexible down tubes allow for movement if knocked and drip stop valves do away with after dripping. Automatic electronic control guarantees efficient use of water. Extras include feeders/ Injectors.


Major Benefits

  • Simple and cost effective
  • Computer controlled timers
  • Low output volumes
  • Pressure compensated nozzles & jets
  • Economical & quick to install
  • Simple system expansion or alteration
  • Inline Plant feeders, available as an extra

Dont take water for granted