Hanging Baskets and Tubs

Easy care for your container plants

No more lifting heavy watering cans up to those difficult to reach baskets.

Hanging baskets and patio containers dry out quickly in warm or windy weather due to evaporation, therefore requiring constant attention and regular watering, up to 3 times per day.

The use of a hose or watering can will waste up to 80% of the water it supplies due to overwatering runoff and uneven application.

By installing a mini bore dripper system, up to 20 separate baskets or a mix of baskets and containers can be watered per zone. Watering is controlled automatically and takes place efficiently and at the required intervals. Single & multiple zone systems are also available.

Major Benefits

  • Simple and cost effective
  • Computer controlled timers
  • Low output volumes
  • Pressure compensated drippers supplying even, metered watering
  • Minimised loss through evaporation
  • Economical & quick to install
  • Mini bore pipe work for neatness
  • Simple system expansion or alteration
  • Inline Plant feeder, available as an extra